Get Started

What is the Toornament API ?

The Toornament API gives you access to the data of the Toornament platform. It provides an alternate method to access and share Toornament data (Toornament TV, Mobile application, widgets, ...)

The API currently provides resources and methods to:

  • List public tournaments
  • List the matches and games of a single tournament
  • List the participants of a single tournament
  • List the schedules of a single tournament
  • Access the various stages of a single tournament

With an authenticated access you may also:

  • Access your private tournaments
  • Update matches and games
  • Create, edit and delete tournaments
  • Create, edit and delete participants

How do I get started ?

A new version of the Toornament API has been released. Once all of the Toornament API version 1 functionalities are integrated in the API version 2, the version 1 will be deprecated, and an end of support date will be announced. So please consider this information before implementing the API version 1 in your application.

We strongly recommend that you start out by getting to know the core concepts behind Toornament. Even if they look familiar to you, there could be some subtleties in the terms and wordings used.

You'll also need to create a Toornament application for each application you want to build. This application is mandatory as it provides you with the credentials required to access the API.

You may also read the security documentation if you want to learn more about how to access the API.