Organizer API


The Organizer API allows you to view and modify the tournaments you organize based on your account permissions.

The Organizer API is appropriate if you want to:

  • Create and modify your tournaments.
  • Configure your tournament settings.
  • Manage the registrations and participants of your tournaments.
  • Schedule your tournaments.
  • Define the match results of your tournaments.

The API is divided into several sections. Each section provides the different access points related to a single entity.


OpenAPI 3.0 specification

We also provide you with the OpenAPI 3.0 specification schema of our API. This specification allows us to describe our API with a standard format. Developers can import these files into interactive REST clients (such as Postman or Insomnia) or use these files to generate code and quickly perform calls to our API.

You can find more information on the OpenAPI initiative website.

You can also find a list of tools developed for OpenAPI on the OpenAPI tools website.