Get Started

What is the Toornament API?

The Toornament API provides an alternate method to access, edit and share the Toornament data. With our API, you will be able to extend the functionalities of our platform, and improve your event production. For example the API can be used to create bots, alternative tools, native branding, integration in other applications, or directly in gameā€¦

Access to the Toornament API is restricted, so please read the API Terms and guidelines first, then contact us to introduce your project using our API.

The notable new functionality of the Toornament API version 2 is the three-legged authentication workflow of OAuth 2. It allows actions on the API on behalf of another user.

The Toornament API version 2 is separated into different sections: viewer, account, participant, organizer. Each one gives you access to the data of the Toornament platform within a specific scope, to achieve different goals.

  • The viewer API will let you publicly consult the tournaments information
  • The account API will let you get information of a user
  • The participant API will allow you to register a user to a tournament
  • The organizer API will let you manage tournaments

How do I get started?

We strongly recommend that you start out by getting to know the core concepts behind Toornament. Even if they look familiar to you, there could be some subtleties in the terms and wordings used.

You will also need to create a Toornament application for each application you want to build. This application is mandatory as it provides you with the credentials required to access the API.

You should also read the security documentation to better understand how to authenticate and authorize your application.