Get Started

What is the Toornament API?

The Toornament API provides the tools for developers to access and update your own competition data. Some typical use cases include:

  • Read and present tournament information
  • Manage the registrations and participants of your competition
  • Display tournament results
  • Schedule your tournament matches
  • Set the results of tournaments and matches
  • Create, set up and configure your tournaments

How do I get started?

Use of the API is restricted and requires a paid plan that includes API access. If you would like to know more and gain access, visit the pricing page .

We recommend that you start out by reading our API documentation. Core concepts tell your more about the entities you will access with the API. Even if they look familiar to you, there could be some subtleties in the terms and wordings used.

You should also read the security documentation to better understand how you will be able to access your data in a secure way.

You can then look at the API reference which lists all the endpoints and all actions that you will be able to perform.

I have access to the API, what now?

Once you are ready and have gained access to the API, you will need to create a new project or choose an existing one . You can then create an API application by going to the ‘Settings’ menu of the project and then go to the ‘Applications’ tab. Create an API application there and you will automatically be granted API credentials. You can now start working with the API.

Please note that you can only use the API to access data from the tournaments that are associated with this particular project.