Scopes are parameters used to limit the rights of a single access. Every time your application requests require an authorization, you must specify the scope(s) of the authorization. If you send a request without a scope, you will just have requested an authorization to perform nothing.

Available scopes

The Toornament API currently supports the following scopes:

  • organizer:view
    Grants the ability to list tournaments and see their settings.
  • organizer:admin
    Grants the ability to create a tournament and edit its settings.
  • organizer:result
    Grants the ability to edit match information and referee results.
  • organizer:participant
    Grants the ability to manage the participants of a tournament.
  • organizer:registration
    Grants the ability to manage the registrations of a tournament.
  • organizer:permission
    Grants the ability to manage the permissions of a tournament.
  • organizer:delete
    Grants the ability to delete tournaments.