Scopes are parameters used to limit the rights of an access. Each time your application requests require an authorization, you must specify the scope(s) of the authorization. If you request no scope, you will just have requested an authorization to perform nothing.

Available Scopes

The Toornament APIs currently support the following scopes:

  • participant:manage_registrations
    Grants the ability to manage registrations of an user.
  • user:info
    Grants the access to public user information.
  • organizer:view
    Grants the ability to list tournament and see settings.
  • organizer:admin
    Grants the ability to create tournament and edit settings.
  • organizer:result
    Grants the ability to edit information and referee results.
  • organizer:participant
    Grants the ability to manage participants of a tournament.
  • organizer:delete
    Grants the ability to delete tournaments.